Creating solutions ultimately leading to enhanced global prosperity in harmony with the planet.

Dynamics CRM

Explode Code provides professional software development services to leading enterprises in and around London. Currently focusing on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform due to its popularity and potential for improving operational efficiencies for the clients using it. Some proceedes from this work are donated directly to charity by Explode Code and some are used for research into new technologies.

Home Automation

Explode Code acquired a legacy of home automation software and continues to explore this in conjunction with automated intelligent heating systems leading to a reduction in consumer carbon footprints.

Wellbeing Systems

Good health through motivating exercise and creative diet planning is another area Explode Code works to improve with the help of software solutions. Prototypes are under development so watch this space.


Disco equipment rental is another service available through Explode Code Ltd. There are a number of packages available ranging from a pair of PA loudspeakers through to a high power sound system complete with fully computer controlled lighting and laser system. Please contact us using the form below for further information and a quote for your specific requirements.

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